Why Indie?

What does it mean to be an independent artist?

Many artists share the same dream. They want to create imaginative images and share them with other people. Whether that’s by recreating our favorite characters from pop-culture or by creating new worlds from whole cloth, our ambitions are very similar. The one common barrier that we all share is sadly practical. We need money to pay our bills and take care of our families. The way we overcome that barrier is often what defines our career. Some of us find work in studios, while others work from home as freelancers. Many have found much more happiness and success as an independent artist. Being an independent artist is not a label that defines the sorts of art you make, but how you choose to make a living off of it. It means making the majority of your income directly from your fan base without being signed to a Major Record Label.

Why Indie?

  • To keep more of your hard earned money!!!
  • Keep your own identity
  • Its a new era for music, its an Indie Indie world

What is a Major Indie Label?

Because ‘Major Labels’ are headed down a broken path. Against The Grain Records is the first Major Indie Label. New innovation, new ways! Simply put, we do everything within our own company, from recording, engineering, CD duplication, distribution and more. We work within our own community to build a strong network of producers, engineers, videographers, beat makers, managers, promoters and more. We pay our own staff, instead of out sourcing everything.

Being able to keep everything within our own community, we are able to put a lot of money back into the same communities low income areas and to the homeless. It also enables us to build a strong NEW DURTIE SOUF. For more information or to see about joining our company and team, email us atgr@atgrecording.com.

Benefits of being an ATG Artist.

  • Be part of history by creating the original New Durtie Souf.
  • Be part of a hard working dedicated team
  • Stay Indie
  • Keep more of your money
  • Paid shows
  • Paid tours
  • World wide distribution with ATG Records, Dipset or Universal Music Group
  • Get your own webpage to market your music
  • Access to our 100,000/m and growing digital fan base
  • Be part of the BEST.
  • You can become who you want to become, and not be a puppet 
  • Opportunities within the company for advancement