Tonez BIO


Rap has been my life since the 9th grade. I wasn’t exactly your ordinary rapper. I used punch lines a lot and sometimes found my raps not making sense. I kept writing and writing finding myself putting my raps into clever phrases different from other artists.
After allot of hard work I had transformed the way I rapped forever. I started dropping singles, utilizing MySpace, YouTube, and Facbook to get them exposed and I would get feedback that motivated me to keep going.
Some time passed and in March 2012 I while on Facebook I saw a talent search being hosted by a record label called ATGR in Greenviile, NC. I was excited and amped to participate, unfortunately they were only looking for people between the ages of 16-19.  Definitely meant I was out b4 I could even get in.
Despite the disappointment I pressed on. I kept making more singles, later developing my first mixtape ‘The Arrival’.  It was a hit among piers, family and a lot of fans.
After the Talent Search was long over I contacted the Record Label, Against The Grain R3cords, and just explained my situation for not being able to participate in their Talent Search. I was given an opportunity to meet and talk business.
I was then told to send a sample of some music I had. What I gave did not fall upon deaf ears!  And I was soon handed a contract. I later signed with the label, started making singles and immediately started receiving  massive hits within a month’s time.
When u got a dream WAKE UP AND LIVE IT the time is now or never.