Time to #EAT – Volume V

Who hungry, Come #EAT with the #YellownGreen. We’ll pay YOU

  • This time WE ALL #EAT! 20 selected #Indie Artists will be on this mixtape, releasing July 17th.
  • Those 20 artists will GET PAID off EVERY SALE! Time to take care of the INDIE WORLD! Fuk a Major We #MajorIndie.
  • Info and submission to music@atgrecording.com subject VOLUME 5. Our A&R will review and select.
  • We sell 3000 copies Against The Grain #ATG MajorIndie will take the 20 selected artists to New York to party for a night!! www.atgrecording.com THE NEW DURTIE SOUF #Huuh #ATG #Tag an Indie artists, tell an Indie artist.

Lets EAT!!!

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