Rell City BIO

Jersey born, Carolina raised” a phrase that best describes Tyrell “Rell City” Jackson. Born in Willingboro, NJ in 1987, Rell City relocated to Baltimore then DMV area by age of 3. He later moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina at age 6 with his mom. He brought with him his up north style and musical influences like Wu-Tang, Nas, Jay-Z, Mobb deep etc to the south. It wasnt until he heard OutKast’s Elevators, that made him realize that the south has good music as well.

He began rapping at the age of 13. While attending Reid Ross Classical, he would rap in the courtyard with his group of friends known as DNP. Upon graduating in 2005, he went to attend college at Elizabeth City State University. Once there he met his partners in rhyme, and formed the group Rell City, with each member name being Rell. They formed the overall group known as “Bread Before Bitches” or B 2 Da 3rd. It became more than a group, but more like a way of life. The group made two mixtapes, but the music was lost due to a crashed laptop.

Rell City was forced to leave ECSU, but moved back to Fayetteville after one year, to attend Fayetteville State University bringing with him the Rell City name because he was the creator of it and the B 2 Da 3rd way of living. There he met his roommate Vick2Hot. The two made two songs together, “Catchy Azz Hook” and “Switch It Up”, the latter got a few spins in the local clubs.

Rell City’s music career was stagnate for 2008-2010. He only recorded guest verses on one song each year from various artists like VP and Illah Champene. He graduated from FSU in 2009 with a degree in mass communication. Shortly after his graduation he enlisted in the US Army in 2010. While in AIT in Ft. Lee, VA, he met his buddies and future group members that also rapped and shared similar backgrounds and ideas in life.

He has relocated from Fayetteville, NC to Colorado Springs, CO with his wife Felecia and new born son, Kamari. There he has reignited his passion for rhyming by forming his own studio in the basement of his home, aptly called Da Bassment studios.

In 2012, he has recorded four mixtapes, “Long Time In Da Making”, “Tha Procrastination”, “Tha Motivation”, “Diggin In Tha Crates Vol. 1”, and one group collabo mixtape titled “The Tsunami Wave Boyz vol 1′, thats the name of the group too. Independent record label Against The Grain Records based in Greenville, NC signed Rell City due to his creativity and lyricism. Rell City is ready to take on the music scene with his originality, poise and knowledge of hip-hop music from old to new.

Murkside, DNP, B 2 Da 3rd, ATGR