On August 12, 1998, Jamie “Phansy” Steppan was born in Orlando, FL, and moved to Salt Lake City as a toddler. With a creative mind, Phansy was inclined towards many artistic mediums since a very young age. He created his first painting at age six; around that same time he began writing abstract stories as well.

Phansy was first introduced to rap music around age 8, hearing it in ski movies he watched. He found rap intriguing, mostly because he couldn’t empathize with the lyricists or understand what they were motivated by. 

The full extent of Phansy’s poetic skills became apparent in middle school, where his Language Arts teacher recognized he was writing essays above college level. Being raised by abusive, alcoholic parents, along with being bullied in high school, Phansy took solace in hip hop. 

At age 15, he began writing graffiti. He initially went by the psedonym “Phantus”, but changed to “Phansy” after being charged with several graffiti misdemeanors. He would often listen to hip hop music when he went out to paint. Listening anywhere from hardcore 90s style to the sentimental and introspective songs of Sadistik, the adrenaline rush of painting graffiti enhanced his perception of song lyrics. 

Being an MC was always a dream in the back of his head, but over the next couple years, he began to manifest it, deciding to bring his poetic skills to rap. Phansy’s senior year of high school, he worked various different jobs and saved up for studio time. 

The now 18-year-old independently created and released two albums (PUPPET and 1 Pant at a Time) before getting signed to Barz Inc. From conceptual storytelling to aggressive boast raps, Phansy displays his poetic wit, often with underlying messages. Drawing on inspiration from the ethos of Eyedea, Kurt Cobain, and Wu Tang Clan, he compliments his deliberate lyrics with an unpredictable cadence. Phansy’s lyrical endeavors are supported by boom-bap style beats, from producers worldwide.

Fed up with, in Phansy’s words, the “trend-following, apathetic drones dominating the mainstream”, he is passionate about his craft. He is ambitious as a leader of a consciousness movement that reforms and enlightens the hip hop industry.