Itz Choppa BIO

Brandon Deshawn Dixon born in Greenville NC, Sept 11, 1993. Currently living in Grifton aka G-Town where he attended Ayden Grifton high and he goes by Itz Choppa The Executionist.
 Well what got me into making music was the old school music my pops Oliver Dixon would play, like Heavy D and some more old school cats. Back in elementary school I use to rap with my lil crew and others and every since then I’ve been rapping. I really started loving it when it became clear that I was really good, better yet GREAT at what I do. I also enjoyed watching other Mc’s rap battle.
The people that I look up to/admir is 2pac, Big L, and Biggie Smalls, because they not only spoke the truth and more but they told a story that represented and they spoke that real from the heart.
But I’m Choppa aka ChopChop aka Itz Choppa aka The Executionist and as the broski Tru say Baby G. And this is only the beginning. I’m trynna become that artist who can make a change and give back and do it big with a big time label, you know thats (ATGR) aka ATG, Against The Grain Records.
From where I hold it down at which is a small town called Grifton and through the blessings of God I know I will achieve greatness and complete my goals.
And to find/listen to my music and more type in Find me on google as well at Itz Choppa. My rap is like a book that tells it all and there is more to come. And I dont see myself as a rapper I see myself as a successful artist with big dreams that will come true regardless and I am Itz Choppa the only.
And my main motivations are to stay real and loyal no matter what and keep it true to the game/industry. 252 be the area #ATGR
Itz Choppa